Certified Financial Research Administrator (CFRA)
Body of Knowledge

The CFRA Body of Knowledge outline, on which the certification is based, can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Please note: Resources included in the outline are provided as examples and have been obtained through topic-specific web searches. This list is not intended to be a comprehensive representation of content included on the exam. Inclusion on the list does not reflect RACC support of the materials or indicate verification of accuracy of the information. Links to original funding sources, statutory requirements, grant regulations, and common electronic proposal systems are not provided since they are easily accessible with simple web searches. Candidates for the CFRA exam are encouraged to explore additional resources related to the exam content outline.

CFRA body of knowledge

RACC also offers Body of Knowledge Review Sessions to familiarize candidates with the outline of information upon which each certification is based. Each Body of Knowledge Review Session is designed to assist individuals to identify areas of strengths and weakness so that they can learn where to focus their studies as they prepare to the exam. The registration fee is $299 USD per person.

To view a list of upcoming Body of Knowledge Review Sessions and to register, please click the button below:

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