About Us

What is the Research Administrators Certification Council? 

The Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) is a private, independent, nonprofit organization that develops and administers a voluntary program for the certification of individuals who meet the requirements established by RACC. It is composed of volunteer individuals committed to the continuing improvement of the research administration profession and to assisting in the education and training of individuals who wish to become proficient in the research administration (RA) field. Through the Body of Knowledge and the certification process, RACC provides those in the field with a training guide and a goal by which they can measure themselves as professionals.

RACC consists of representatives from a variety of settings, including institutions of higher education, hospitals, private businesses, research institutes and foundations, governmental organizations, national professional organizations, and private educational and research consulting firms.


Our Mission

To certify and uphold RA standards to advance the profession.

Our Values and Aspirations

Visionary Leaders
  • We are proactive–getting out in front and helping to shape the future.
  • We are courageous–stepping up to big challenges and making tough choices.
  • We are strategic–staying focused on highest impact solutions.
Professional Integrity
  • We are knowledgeable–driving high standards, products and learning.
  • We are ethical–serving as the standard bearers for professional excellence.
  • We are credible–providing thought leadership to advance the profession.
Representational Community 
  • We are diverserecruiting and engaging the broad spectrum of RA professionals. 
  • We are relevantdelivering value-added products and services to our customers.
  • We are adaptabletargeting our products to meet evolving needs. 

Our Vision

RACC is the thought leader and global standard bearer for the RA profession.

Our Code of Ethics

RACC’s Code of Ethics sets forth and promotes a culture of integrity and competency in the sponsored RA profession.

Certificants are expected to practice and uphold the following principles in the discharge of their professional responsibilities:

  • Perform one's duties with honesty, diligence, and responsibility.
  • Conduct oneself free of personal and professional conflicts or the appearance of impropriety.
  • Remain mindful as a steward of the funds one manages as they have been provided fundamentally for the public good. 
  • Be prudent in the use and protection of sensitive information/data.
  • Act in good faith promoting ethical integrity in all of one's actions.
  • In public forums, maintain respectful communication about others in the profession.