Certification Exam Changes

Exam Composition and Length

Beginning in fall 2023, exams will be comprised of 200 multiple-choice test questions, 175 of which will count toward a candidate’s score, and 25 pretest (pilot) questions which will not count toward a candidate’s score. The 25 pretest (pilot) questions are randomly distributed through the examination and will not be identifiable as a pretest (pilot) question. Candidates will be given three-and-one-half (3.5) hours to complete the exam.

Exam Scoring

Also, beginning in fall 2023, RACC will report exam scores using scaled scoring. To ensure fairness and consistency across exam forms, once RACC establishes a passing standard, this standard is upheld for all future forms of the exam. A statistical process called equating is used to account for any slight variations in difficulty level across forms. Candidate scores are then reported using scaled scoring, which converts the candidate’s raw score (i.e., total number of correct questions) onto a consistent and standardized scale. Scaled scores allow candidate scores to be comparable from one exam form to the next.

The scale range for all RACC exams will be 200 to 800 with a passing point of 500.


For any questions on these changes, please refer to the FAQ's. You may also contact us with any questions.